online Shopping

Online reviews are a great way of finding out more information about a product or a service before you buy, but did you know that they are not always to be trusted 100%? This is something which people are slowly et surely learning about and the reality is that we should go into something like this with our eyes fully open. In fact there is a website called Topconsumerreviews and the reason for its existence is that there are just so many fake reviews out there. 

There are a number of ways in which this can happen, but mostly they are fake positive reviews which have been paid for by the company which is selling the product. Believe it or not, there are actually review ‘farms’ set up around the world, where people’s jobs are literally to leave positive reviews about the client’s product. The natural reaction here of course would be to never read another review, but we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead it is worth checking for some common indicators that the review isn’t actually true. 

Bucking The Trend

One sign which we often see that means the person may not be entirely truthful in their review is if it completely ticks the trend and goes against what every other person is saying. If there are 20 reviews which all point to the same issues and problems, and then there is one or two sandwiched in which speak glowingly about the product, it is likely that they are plants. 

Terrible English 

Very often these review farms are based in countries like the Philippines or India and as such the English sounds very much as though it has been written by someone with a loose grasp of the language. Now of course there are some foreign people who will leave reviews in English, but this can also be a sign that the review may not be honest. 

Over The Top Information 

When people lie they try to add in more information than is necessary and the same thing happens when it comes to fake reviews. If there is someone going into every detail about who does the vacuuming in the home and exactly what they did with the vacuum, how they moved it and where they plugged it in, the chances are that they are going heavy to cover the lie. 

Never Reviews

And finally a very simple tip that if you have a click on the person who left the review and check out what else they have reviewed, you should expect to see more products and items. If however this is the only thing that they have ever reviewed then this is certainly something which should provoke suspicion in your mind. 

There are some great reviews out there which can certainly help to guide you, but just bear in mind that there are some red herrings out there, and these are some of the signs which may indicate that.