Top 5 Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

Do you want to bring connection, romance and intimacy to your life? From consulting the best psychics online to considering your star sign, you’ve tried everything to improve your chances of meeting your future one and only. If this scenario sounds familiar, try harnessing the power of these crystals to attract true love.

Rose Quartz

You’ve probably heard that you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else with your whole heart. Rose quartz could be the key that unlocks self-love and unconditional acceptance. Many people who manifest love using this crystal experience a boost of confidence and charisma that potential romantic partners find irresistible. This beautiful pink stone symbolizes the universal love we find in nature, friendship and life, all essential components of a satisfying intimate relationship with a love partner. Pink kunzite, an alternative to rose quartz in a similar hue, facilitates honest, open communication with loved ones. 


This shimmering green stone manifests the luck you need to meet the right person. As any psychic for love will tell you, earthy aventurine vibrates with the heart chakra, delivering the energy to make your dreams become reality. You’ll also find that this stone encourages the light, compassionate touch you need to successfully weather the storms that eventually reach even the happiest relationships. Some even call green aventurine the stone of opportunity. If you love green crystals, also consider jade to encourage harmonious connections with others. 


If you’re looking for the kind of love that will last a lifetime, add amber to your spiritual toolkit. This stone manifests strong, supportive marriages and partnerships, clearing negative environmental energy through the solar plexus and sacral chakras. Amber can calm and soothe a relationship marked by passionate ups and downs as well as remove toxicity and bad feelings that can build up over time and crest after conflicts. Some people call this crystal, which is the traditional 10th anniversary gift, the “stone of undying love.”


Moonstone can help you spark a new flame or bring the passion back to a long-term love affair. This sensual stone connects us with romantic physical desire as well as emotional intimacy, known for its ability to drive erotic energy. When struggling with unrequited love or healing from a bad breakup, moonstone can manifest a turn in the tides of fortune toward happiness and light. This crystal also increases your sense of empathy, which shows you the best qualities of others. 


Are you ready to welcome your soulmate into your life? Manifesting with malachite can open your heart chakra and create a sense of security, stability and balance. When you use this stone, you create the internal roots of a healthy lifelong partnership, drawing the right individual ever closer to your heart until the day you finally connect. Malachite also drives out negative energy that can cause conflict with loved ones. 

Some swear by placing one of these five stones by your bedside, under your pillow or in the right corner of your home when facing the back door. For best results, your birth chart report can guide your use of these stones to manifest love.