Top 10 Long Term Effects Of Choosing The Wrong Major - San Francisco Bay University

Most high school seniors-to-be are trying to figure out what they would like to do with their lives. Colleges like San Francisco Bay University are encouraging them to think about it now, before getting too far along in their college careers. For many students who are undecided about their major, It is a stressful time, and many students will choose to go into a field that may not be the best fit for them. This may lead to long term effects that can cause great distress later on in life. The following list gives the top ten long term effects of choosing the wrong major, and what to do about it.

1) Underemployment

Underemployment occurs when someone has a job that does not use their degree in any way. This may cause distress later in life when they work at low rates for little recognition.

2) High Debt

Having a large amount of debt may lead to stress and worry about paying off loans. It is important that students carefully consider their choices before attending college, so they can avoid this problem.

3) Unhappy Every Day

If you are working in a field, you do not enjoy. It will be difficult for you to find happiness in your everyday life. It is important to find a career you enjoy, so that every day will be an enjoyable experience.

4) Less Satisfaction with Life

Satisfaction with life occurs when someone is happy and content with their current situation. If you are unhappy with where you work, it can lead to dissatisfaction with life in general.

5) Poor Social Life

If you have chosen a path that does not allow you to socialize, it can lead to problems developing friendships and relationships with others. It is important to find a career you enjoy so that your life will be full of happiness and meaningful connections with others.

6) Less Satisfaction with Appearance

Having a career that makes you unhappy will eventually lead to unhappiness with your appearance. You likely spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it is important to have a career that you enjoy so you can be happy all the time.

7) Less Satisfaction with Life in General

Choosing a field that does not use your degree will lead to dissatisfaction when you realize all of the opportunities you have passed up. It is important to do research before choosing a major so that you can be sure it is the right fit for you.

8) Unable to Make Decisions Easily

If you are unhappy with your current life situation, it will be difficult for you to make decisions easily. You will have difficulty making choices about everything in your life, which can make you miserable.

9) Bad Overall Health

Having a career that does not use your degree will lead to stress and unhappiness, which will eventually affect your health. It is important to find work that makes you happy so that you can stay healthy.

10) Bad Choices in the Future‚Äč

If you choose a career and major, that does not fit your desires and goals. It will be difficult to make good choices down the road. You will have difficulty making decisions about things like where to live, what job to take, and other life choices.