Before moving, it’s important that you create a checklist of things to take care of before the big day. Having a list prepared will help see that your moving day goes smoothly. Hiccups during and after the moving process can be annoying and costly. Avoid issues during your moving process by making sure you do these four things.

1.) Forward your mail

A simple task, but easy to forget in the midst of all the moving -day action. Visit your post office or update your mailing address online a couple days before your move. Checking off simple but important tasks like this one will help you feel as though your move is under control.

2.) Switch or cancel your utilities in a timely manner

If you plan to stay with your current utility providers, contact each of them to begin the process of transferring service to your new address. It’s best to begin contacting utility providers according to their individual policies related to disconnecting and transferring services. Some utility companies require you give them 30 days notice of cancellation while some only require you notify them a week in advance. Contact your utility provider’s customer service department to get specific details for each provider who services your home. If you’re canceling services, don’t forget to provide a forwarding address so that you can be reached in the event of extra charges. You don’t want any surprises popping up on your credit report! Be sure to collect any deposits you made to utility providers as well.

3.) Select a top-notch moving company

Moving can be a long, difficult process. Often times, the most grueling aspect of moving is just that – physically relocating your family and all of your belongings. By carefully selecting a high-quality mover who takes pride in their craft, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle on moving day. Be sure that you can trust that the moving company you select will take extra care to securely facilitate your move easily and without damage to your possessions. Visit Fox Relocations to get a quote and book a move.

4.) Pre-sort your moving boxes before the moving company arrives and label them with color-coded stickers

By sorting your boxes in stacks according to what room they will end up in, you’ll save heaps of time on moving day. There will be far less shuffling around of boxes. Color-coding your boxes rather than physically writing on them is a major time-saver as well. For example, during your next move use a pink sticker for every box belonging to the kitchen and orange for the office. No more interpreting hastily scrawled moving box writing – simply glance at a box and even from across the room, you’ll know where it belongs.