The Real Difference Between SEO and PPC

There are currently over 32.5 million businesses in the U.S. Yet, a large percentage of business owners have antiquated marketing styles. Luckily, SEO and PCC have both made a huge impact in the online marketing world.

But what’s the difference between SEO and PPC? If you don’t know, don’t worry because this guide will help you better understand these two terms! So if you want to help your business grow, then keep reading.

Difference Between SEO And PPC

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are both very different techniques with similar results. For starters, SEO works by optimizing your organic traffic. However, the webpage must be in a high-ranking position, or else there is less traffic. 

In contrast, PPC does have higher engagement rates. However, you pay a fee for every click you get. And not every company can afford this so they choose SEO since it’s more affordable.

The Benefits Of SEO

Aside from the affordability, SEO has other great benefits. For starters, the target keywords that are used in SEO campaigns make it possible for your brand to be a top competition. 

And with brand awareness, comes trust and credibility. In fact, when people see that a brand comes up in a search without an ad, it can increase your creditability.

Not to mention, your website traffic will also increase because more people will be curious about your brand. The initial SEO campaign will cost you. However, any organic traffic that comes from a search is completely free. So you pay a small fee for a multitude of benefits.

And SEO campaigns are very sustainable. They often produce organic traffic for years to come. And they don’t dry out like other marketing campaigns.

The Benefits Of PPC Services

PPC also has its own benefits. For example, you get a front-line position on the chosen page. And typically you will get about four to five ads on a desktop and two three on a smartphone. Therefore, any given user will come across your ad.

PPC ads also allow you to have more control of what you want to advertise. So you can have any type of price or service on a singular ad and they will dominate the page.

Can I Do Both?

Many people often feel like they have to battle between SEO vs PPC services. However, both have pros and cons, but they can both be effective. So if you can, use a two-way marketing system that utilizes both forms.

However, if you cannot pick both, then we always suggest using SEO services instead. You can click here for more information on SEO services and more!

A Better Brand Starts With You

Now that you know the difference between SEO and PPC, you can start making better choices about your brand. So don’t hesitate to get any of these services for the purpose of increasing web traffic and overall brand recognition.

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