The Best Sex Toys To Use On Your Partner

Are you looking to spice things up? Are you unsure here to start? Don’t worry, if you are looking to heat things up and add soe new dimensions to your sexual relationships, we can help. Read on to find out about some of the best sex toys you can use on your partner. 

Sex Toys for Him

This year why not treat your man to a sex toy to really spice things up. Some of the best products available are those such as the men’s toys from mega pleasure

Cock rings

Cock rings can be a great addition to your sex toy collection to spice things up. Worn at the bae of the penis, cock rings can really start to improve your sex life through its ability to make erections stronger, last longer and enhance blood flow, resulting in a far more exciting bedroom experience. 


Massagers a great sex toy to use on your male partner due to the fact that they offer non-invasive penetration. These usually come in silicone, replicating the touch of human skin, vibrating the prostate to increase the intensity of orgasms! These are also available in other materials, depending on  your preference.

Sexy Toys for Her

There are tonnes of sex toys to use on the lady in your life. These include:

Remote Control Vibrators

These can really get things going. If you like it hot and heavy but want to maintain social distancing, this could be the right option for you! These come in various shapes, sizes and styles, used either for vaginal or anal penetration. You can alter the settings to your hearts content. Start slow, and see how you go! 

Collars and Clamps

If role play is your go-to, it’s time to collar up. Many of these are accompanied with nipple clamps, so you can keep your partner secure in the position you want them in for longer with increased intensity. Enjoyed most for those in sub-dom relationships, collars and clamps are the things role playing dreams are made of. 

Sex Toys for Couples 

Playing together is better! The following are specifically designed for one on one fun that will give you hours of pleasure. 

Double Dildo

Double dildos are great for couples of either sex. Whether you’re in a same-sex relationship or not, double dildos allow you to enjoy an experience where you and your partner really connect. You can use these double dildos for double penetration of you and your partner, either anally or vaginally, and these can reach lengths that most people would not be able to achieve. 

Cock Ring for Clitoral Simulation

If you want to enjoy the same sensation but are of an opposite sex, this innovative sex toy allows you and your male partner to feel those vibrations in exactly the same way. Simply loop this over your partner’s penis and let the vibrations do the work!

Why not give all of these a go? There are so many innovative designs out there when it comes to sex-tech. Give them all a try and spice of your sex life with your partner today.