Within the field of private medicine, surgeons are the ones who make the most money, and are some often most respected in the industry. I was fortunate enough to speak last week with the best facelift surgeon in Chicago, to find out what skills are needed to become a top surgeon, who specializes in cosmetic surgery. This is a field which many young students would like to get into once they are older, and if that description applies to you, here are the core skills which you will need to possess, if you want to go on to be a top surgeon in the field.

Attention to Detail

In order for you to become a top surgeon in the field of cosmetic surgery, you must have a great level of attention to detail in your work. When you are dealing in cosmetic surgery, the details are the most important factors and you must be something of a perfectionist, in order to get the job done right. The difference between degrees on a rhinoplasty, skin color on a face graft or any other aspect of surrey is huge, and you must be able to spot the smallest of differences, and understand what impact they will make.


Very often you will have patients coming into your surgery who are feeling very low, and often depressed because they have a body part which they perceive to be something they don’t like. Not only do you need to support patients like this with the truth around what you can do for them, you must also be very empathetic to their plight, and be a supportive voice.


Because of the money that can be made in the world of cosmetic surgery, you do find some charlatans and cowboys who will stop at nothing to get the patient on the operating table. If however you wish to be a respected surgeon in this field, you must have high levels of integrity in your work. If you believe that a patient has a mental health issue rather than a body issue for example, it is your duty to give the clearest advice on this, and not operate if you don’t feel comfortable. The world of cosmetic surgery can often be mirky, so integrity really is everything.

Desire to Learn

And finally, you must have a desire to learn about the world of medicine and cosmetic surgery, not just as you are aiming for the position, but once you have the position too. The reason for this is that there are advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery every year, and the technology is moving at a startling rate. In order for you to be able to offer your clients the best service possible, you must have your finger on the pulse of new advancements in the industry.