In 2020, there at 33 sports that athletes will compete in. However, this was not the case when the Olympic Games started. There were very few sports and instead of the month that that now take, the Olympic Games would only take a day. 

Today, we will rewind and take look at the first Olympic Games as we all as few interesting but true Olympic Games facts.

The First Olympic Games

The first Olympic Games included running, long jump, shot put, javelin pankration and equestrian events. And just like how online casino games came from arcade games. The Olympic sports that we have today also have their origins. 


Among the running contest were the stade race.  Today this is known as the 200m race. There was also the diaulos or the two stades, which is the 400 metre race today. 

Lastly, there was the dolichos, this would range between 7 and 24 stades. This is the marathon that we know today. 


In the ancient Olympics, athletes who took part in jumping used lead or stone weights. These were called halters and were used to increase the distance of a jump. Athletes would hold onto the weights and then let go at the end of their flights.

Discus throw

The discs were made first from stone, then later iron, lead or bronze. The technique is still the same as the one that we use today. 


Still very similar to what we see today we would end in submission or defeat. Today there are even real money online casinos games based on the hall-of-fame former pro-wrestlers. 

Facts about the Olympics

  1. All the athletes would compete naked
  2. Wrestlers were covered in oil, this was as to make it hard to actually get a grip on your opponent.
  3. Corporal punishment was given to all who had a false start in the track.
  4. In combat sports, athletes had to raise their index finger as a means of surrender. However, many wrestlers would die before doing so.
  5. Boxers were urged to never attack the other opponents’ genitals.