If you did a research study on why businesses are successful, you would discover many different reasons that create success. You would see that having¬†passionate and skillful employees who are dedicated to the success of the company, is a primary need. You’ll also find out that capitalization and access the capital can make the difference. Having great products and services that resonate with your target audience is indispensable. And having a great marketing and sales plan that can both lead you fast growing revenues and a valuable brand has to be on the list. But you can also find companies that lack one or more of these elements and still manage to be successful. However the one thing that no successful company can do without, is great leadership.

It is no accident that every successful company has a great leader because great leadership is indispensable. Of all the other factors needed for success, it is the leadership of the company that locates or creates and then accesses these elements. Without great leadership those assets would likely never be aggregated at the company.

Good business leadership is a combination of several factors that collectively work together. Here are many of those factors that make up a great leader.


Any great executive understand the importance of being consistent. Consistency allows for all the members of your organization to know what to expect from you and from the company. Consistency forms the foundation upon which trust and camaraderie can be built. These can then be used to attack a marketplace without concern or hesitation. Knowing with the leader wants and that the goal posts won’t be changed unexpectedly positions everyone comfortably within the game plan. So a leader must be consistent.


If you are a health executive like Steven Scansaroli you need to understand the business better than anyone else at your company, and at least as well as anyone in the industry. Being knowledgeable helps you to give great advice and make the best decisions for your company. There are cases where very smart people have gotten into an industry that they did not understand and as a result of not knowing all the details about that industry they met with failure.so if you choose a particular industry make sure that you know all you need to know about it or be willing to undertake education that will make you an expert.


A great leader must be up to date on the news of all things related to the industry of the business, and those things related to leading a company. These days that means that a great leader must make a daily effort to be social, and interact with employees and customers where they are. This might mean joining social networks or forums like Facebook or Twitter even if you do so while being anonymous. And it may mean attending events where customers, vendors, and employees participate. The key is to do those things that keep you up to date about your industry and the key things in it.


A great leader is constantly focused on the important areas of the business. Life brings many distractions to each of us. These might include home, family, and many other of life’s daily issues. Great leaders are able to search through all of the data and only let those things that are most relevant to winning become a part of their thinking. This focus is vital for taking on competition and building a profitable company.