You have a lot of choices when you pick out packaging for your company’s products, so there’s no point to settling for less than what you want. Somewhere, there’s bound to be an offering that meets your needs for quality and price while providing you the space for graphic marketing and important disclosures like ingredients or consumer safety information. Many companies in the snack industry have found mylar pouches to be a great solution for both durability and cost, as well as environmental considerations. So that begs the question: stand up or lay flat pouches?

Safety Features

Both stand up and lay flat options made from rugged mylar offer the same safety features. You can find scent-proof hermetic seals that keep food and other goods fresh quite easily, helping to avoid spoilage or contamination from the outside. More importantly, both offer options for child proof packaging. That is a huge benefit for companies like those in the emerging cannabis industry who need to make sure that any products with psychoactive ingredients are inaccessible to tiny hands. Those safety features require a slightly different design in each packaging orientation because of the mechanics of opening them, but they work pretty much the same from the customer’s perspective, so neither has a clear advantage here.

Flexibility in Presentation

Since both lay flat packaging and stand up pouches are frequently made from the same materials, it’s hard to see one as having a clear advantage over the other in most cases. If your product could benefit from a variety of display options, though, then you should consider stand up packaging options. It’s simple. You can display almost any stand up design in a lay flat display with the right approach to stacking the flexible pouch packs, but you don’t usually have the option to make a lay flat design stand up on a shelf if you want. For that reason alone, stand up pouches inch ahead. You can check out designs that work in both orientations from your go-to stand up pouch printing service.

Cost Considerations

Sometimes lay flat bags are less costly even when they’re made from the same materials and have the same storage capacity as a stand-up pouch. That happens when the design uses significantly less of the basic materials needed to make the mylar bags. Since lay flat bags have simpler designs than stand up pouches, they’re frequently less expensive, especially for smaller orders. In fact, if you’re looking for an option with no minimum order size, you’ll find custom printed mylar bags no minimum order quite accessibly priced.

Overall, there are good reasons to make each choice under the right circumstances, and both options provide you with a superior packaging solution capable of delivering fresh product to your customers safely while minimizing waste. It really comes down to a matter of the economics and your goals for staging your goods in-store. With that in mind, it’s time for you to answer the question for yourself. Stand up or lay flat pouches? Which will be better for your goods?