The more that you travel the more that you can become frustrated by the process of taking flights. Having to arrive early for the flight, ensuring that you have everything ready, dealing with high airport prices and having to lug all of your stuff from A to B, it isn’t always as fun as people make out. This year however, my travel buddy Stacey L Tokunaga and I pooled our resources and tried to find the best way to prepare our hand luggage and our clothing for the travel day, to try and minimize the hassle. Stacey had some great ideas which worked really well, and our combined efforts have resulted in this list of how to go about your travel day.

Clothing Tips

Let’s start with what to wear when you are going traveling, a key consideration to make and one which could dictate how good your day goes. Firstly if you want to get dressed up for your flight, perhaps to try and bag an upgrade, then you have to anticipate being very uncomfortable during your flight. Let’s start at the bottom, you have to have shoes which easily slip on and off, in case you have to remove them at security. Avoid wearing a belt which you will also have to get rid of at security and honestly style should go out of the window here, some comfy leggings and a warm jumper will be more than enough to keep you comfy and warm on the flight. Avoid any extras like jewelry which you will have to take off at security.

Packing Hand Luggage

You should aim to pack as little hand luggage as you possibly can. Stacey used to always laugh at the amount of stuff that I used to carry in my hand luggage, and I have really benefited since reducing it. Now when I travel my hand luggage is super simple, my purse, some headphones, my phone, passport and some small packs of snacks, the reality is, there isn’t much else that you need. Naturally if you have gone overboard on your luggage then you may have to use the hand luggage for extra space, if you don’t then keep it minimal for easy airport passage, and for far less hassle when you are on the plane.


Contrary to what many people think there is nothing wrong with bringing food from home and eating it at the airport. You may have to buy a bottle of water inside but bringing food from home is going to massively help you to reduce the costs of what you spend in the airport. They know that they can charge whatever they like in the airport as you can’t go anywhere else, yet this isn’t to say that you have to buy what they are selling. Make yourself a sandwich, grab some chips and some fruit before you go, eat it in the airport and then ditch the extra bank, very simple and massively cost saving.