Skincare for Women Over 40 with Skincare Expert Ken Julian

Skincare expert Ken Julian is the beauty guru behind many famous faces. Skilled in all areas of skincare, Ken works with both women and men over 40 to achieve their best skin ever. His daily routine includes a series of what he calls “micro-tools” that he says will keep your skin looking younger and healthier than ever.

“Skin is the ultimate barometer of health,” says Ken, who completed his training in Ayurvedic medicine at University College London along with a Bachelors’s degree in Health Science. So Ken’s daily routine was specially crafted to help women over 40 gain that irrefutable glow.

Ken uses a combination of micro-tools, including natural enzymes from cultured mushrooms, to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh new skin on the surface without damaging it or causing irritation. Ken has perfected a strict regime that uses these tools and other Ayurvedic practices to help women learn to love their skin again while keeping it healthy. Ken’s secret weapon is a full complement of micro-tools, including enzyme exfoliants from the Ayurvedic tradition, magnetic and crystal healing jewelry, and T3 treatment equipment, all designed to enhance his unique daily routine.

Raw Materials for Skincare That Work Over 40

“I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to help women have healthy, youthful-looking skin that has a beautiful glow.” Understanding the needs of women over 40 seeking to maintain their youthfulness and even reverse signs of aging is Ken’s passion. In his personal research in skincare for over 15 years, Ken has discovered what it takes to give women back their confidence.

Ken holds a unique position as a skincare expert in the world of Ayurvedic medicine. As an independent consultant to numerous upscale spas and day spa chains, Ken is invited into women’s homes by their personal physicians to help them achieve their maximum potential in life while maintaining the gorgeous skin that reflects radiant health.

Ken has been working with women over 40 for many years and has seen firsthand how skincare products can help women regain the fresh, healthy glow they once had. “I know what works in the Ayurvedic tradition,” says Ken. “And it’s not about spending fortunes on designer products that are of no real benefit to your skin.”

Ken believes that in the world of skincare, women over 40 deserve quality products that will work for them and not make false promises. “I have seen products marketed specifically to women over 40 that are nothing more than waxes or lanolin,” says Ken. “These ingredients will only draw out oil from your skin, causing it to become drier and more dehydrated.”

Ken’s skincare system is based on his own research and development of a series of tools that work together to enhance your skin’s beauty. With this in mind, Ken has created the perfect line of products using the latest advances in biotechnology with Ayurvedic medicine as the foundation. This combination allows you to experience the best that nature and science have to offer.

Check out his Instagram page at or his YouTube channel for more skincare tips and tricks to stay youthful over 40.