Planning to move to a different part of Canada soon? You might find real estate listings in Calgary interesting. Unlike other major cities in the country, residential properties here still have relatively friendly price tags. The market is also not as fickle as some, too.

But will Calgary be a great place for you to live? Here are nine reasons that makes it a popular pick:

1. It’s ranked repeatedly as one of the best cities to live in Canada and the world.

Calgary has received lots of acclaim over the years for being a great place to live in. While Moneysense magazine has only ranked it as the 75th best city to live in Canada in 2017, The Economist has ranked it 5th in the world for a few years now.

These surveys looked at the state of healthcare, economy, education, culture, infrastructure, and environment to gauge what it’s like to live in each city. So, getting high ranks say a lot about the quality of life in the locale, promising great things to those who wish to make the move.

2. It’s home to numerous corporate head offices.

This promises great career opportunities for those in the corporate world. The unemployment rates may still be relatively high, but things are looking up with the bustling local economy.

3. Easy access to the outdoors.

Calgary is definitely a big city but it’s so close to nature that you can enjoy quick getaways if you want to. You can drive an hour away from the city and you’ll already be surrounded by lush mountains and beautiful lakes. If you love the outdoors but want to enjoy the comforts of a big city, this can be a great place for you to live in.

4. You can walk around even in the winter.

The city’s unique Plus 15 Skywalk is a series of covered, heated, and connected footbridges around the downtown area. So, if you like to walk around the city’s main business district all year round, Calgary makes a good case with this infrastructure.

5. Ease of access to healthcare.

While Canada has a reliable healthcare system, the hospitals in Calgary are considered to be excellent. Why? They have lots of doctors. The national average is just 115 doctors per 100,000 residents but Calgary has 141 doctors for every 100,000 people. You can also see a doctor 24/7 for free which is an excellent promise to the safety of your well-being.

6. It’s just three hours away from the US border.

If you’re moving from the US, Calgary is one of the nearest major cities. It’s also said to be largely similar to its neighboring country in many aspects. Because of this, you might not feel like it’s a foreign land to you.

7. It has one of the highest personal income and millionaires per capita in the country.

Those who are after some upward mobility in the corporate world might just find Calgary the best place to live in to achieve their goals.

8. It has a young population.

The average age of Calgary residents is 36 years old and a whopping 41% of its population is composed of 21 to 44-year-olds. This gives it a youthful vibe that’s also ready for progress.

9. Calgary is clean and safe.

Further boosting the great quality of life, is its low crime rates and its cleanliness. Aside from being rat-free, it’s also hailed as the cleanest city in the world by many publications and experts. They have strict rules about littering and a strong commitment to waste management and urban cleanliness.

These are just some of the best things that Calgary has to offer. See for yourself why you should start perusing real estate listings in Calgary ASAP.