Medical tourism is popular across the world and sees many thousands of people take a trip abroad for a whole range of cosmetic procedures. Whether you’re considering having your teeth straightened, dermal fillers injected or having a hair transplant to provide a youthful head of hair, the list of procedures is endless. If you are someone considering going abroad to treat the latter, you’ll want to consider your full options at home or further afield.

To help, here are 3 of the most beneficial reasons to have your hair transplant abroad.

Save Money

Those who have travelled abroad for cosmetic procedures will tell you just how much money they have saved by doing so. Medical tourists can make huge savings when looking at options in other countries, especially when it comes to tackling hair loss. A popular destination for patients is to have hair transplants in Turkey is in the nation’s capital of Istanbul. Welcoming thousands of tourists each year for medical procedures, Turkey is well-known for providing natural-looking results with their hair transplants and at a much lower price than in the UK or the US. In some instances, patients can save up to 80% on a procedure, but the individual cost will depend on the amount of hair grafts required for the results you require. Some countries subsidise the costs of these procedures for tourists, meaning patients can benefit by paying less. The cost can also include flights and accommodation to make the decision even easier.

Access to Leading Experts

Each facility or hospital has some of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the world working for them, with most learning their craft in renowned university settings. Most companies offering a hair transplant will provide details of their expert medical team online so that you can do your research before travelling. Many countries specialise in certain cosmetic procedures due to the fact they employ some of the most recognised and leading surgeons and doctors in their field. A common misconception is that because the procedures can be much cheaper that this will affect the quality of the medical staff performing treatments, however, subsidies and cheaper living costs mean the procedure is cheaper for tourists but not necessarily for locals. Many of the top surgeons study abroad then return to their home country to provide treatment, meaning their expertise is at the same level as having the procedure at home.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Facilities

Not all of the best facilities and procedures are exclusive to the US or UK, so you can find dedicated clinics and hospitals abroad that specialise in a particular field such as hair loss. With techniques including Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), where individual grafts of hair can be removed and transplanted without surgical cutting, as well as Sapphire FUE, where sapphire glass blades are used for increased accuracy, the quality of care and treatment available abroad is at the cutting-edge of popular treatments today. All clinics and hospitals abroad work to industry quality standards ensuring patient safety is their number one priority. When you find a clinic you’re interested in, you should be able to find all of this information readily available to provide peace of mind before booking.