old-age I always find it fascinating how different people age and how their capabilities change as they reach old age. A prime example of this would be a great friend of my family Raj Dharampuriya, a man who seems to have only gotten better as the years have passed him by. Many of his friends are in hospital beds or retirement homes, with many of them having illnesses and diseases which they manage on a daily basis. Each time I see Raj Dharampuriya however he seems to have more energy than the last time I saw him, and I genuinely enjoy his company. Getting older is something that many of us dread but if we can do it like Raj Dharampuriya then we should all look forward to it, and here is how he has managed to stay so sprightly. Exercise During his younger years Raj Dharampuriya used to do a lot of running and was always involved in sports. Unlike many people when Raj had a family this didn’t slow him down and he avoided the Dad bod which many people get because of his passion for exercise. As the years have progressed this is something which he has always kept up and each morning he will spend at least 15 minutes stretching out and he tries to walk at least 15,000 steps per day. He may not be able to run any more but that hasn’t stopped Raj Dharampuriya from continuing his healthy lifestyle. Vegan Raj has been a vegan since he was 35 years old and I can help but draw a connection between his diet and his health in his old age. There is a lot to be said for eating this type of diet and as I have seen with Raj, he has benefitted from it a great deal. Many regions off Japan have the world’s oldest people living in them and they focus on a heavily plant based diet, perhaps we are all missing a trick here. New Things I used to think that Raj Dharampuriya’s ability to try out new things and continue to learn  was down to the fact that he was in such good mental shape as an older man. I have come to realize however that it is this desire for learning new things and discovering new knowledge, which has kept his mind so young. Exercise isn’t just necessary for your physical health but you should also exercise your brain and this is what Raj has always been keen to do. I always find him with his head in a book and the things which he is learning about technology and science are more than even us younger men and women know. This is something which I certainly want to be able to do when I am older and it is very impressive to see an old man like Raj Dharampuriya take on new advancements and new developments with such ease.