Permits and Requirements You Need for Your Home-Based Business

A lot of people tend to work from home nowadays due to the pandemic. Along with this, the number of home-based businesses are on the rise because of the benefits it offers.

Despite executing and managing your business at home, legal permits and requirements remain essential for you to protect your business and customers or clients. As starting a home-based business could be easily done online, the case isn’t truly that way. The Internet and virtual landscapes are sensitive for transactions as it does not require personal processes. For you to be familiar with establishing your dream home-based business, allow yourself to know the permits and requirements you need for your home-based business through this blog.

1.   Home Occupation Permit

One of the most common business license requirements for home-based small businesses is the home occupation permit. This permit will enable you to operate a business in your home legally. A home occupation permit ensures that your business promotes safety and traffic convenience, as well as noise pollution-free and eco-friendly business operations.

On the other hand, if you would like your home-based business to be legally recognized by the state, you can register it as an LLC with the help of Zenbusiness, a company that helps entrepreneurs launch their business through their advanced technology and low cost formation services.

2.   Health and Safety Permit

Health will always be one of the major priorities when establishing a business. As the corresponding legal document for it, health and safety permits are critical to assess the probability rate of hazards and risks your business could bring. Some unnatural disasters such as fire and explosion are being investigated here. In internal operations, proper water sanitation and safe food processing are evaluated particularly in food-related businesses. On the contrary, businesses having services like delivery of goods or parcels are sometimes not required to comply with it.

3.   Zoning and Property Use Permit

Despite having a home-based business, you should still comply with the local zoning ordinances if there are any. Hence, you need to review and research for the local zone policies for business operations. In most cases, local zoning laws imposed legal activities that could be done in certain cities and towns. The instances could be the community is solely restricted for residential purposes.

4.   General Business Licenses

General business licenses are the default business licenses that you will be needing when you’re about to start a business whatever type it is. This set of licenses includes county business license, sales tax license, and trade license. The county business license will allow you to be engaged in the business activities within the local administration. On the other hand, the sales tax license will enable you to have an agreement with the state tax agency on collecting and remitting sales tax items on items sold by your home-based business. Lastly, the trade license will give your business the authority or privilege to operate.


A home-based business is quite ideal at these times. Aside from having a familiar business location, you could also manage your business in the way you want without violation of the policies through, at first, having essential permits and requirements.