Aftermarket or OEM for Dualsport Bikes

It’s the question most dualsport riders have asked themselves: Should I buy aftermarket or OEM motorcycle parts? Simply put, it depends on your all-important bike budget and your machine’s unique needs.

Budget and Price

Budget constraints dictate many riders’ purchasing decisions. You obviously want to score the best prices on motorcycle parts, but you also want the right part for your bike. If you’re after new clutch plates for your Honda, for example, you can compare prices on aftermarket and OEM parts Honda motorcycle. While aftermarket prices tend to be lower, the decision is down to your own preference.

If you’re looking to replace engine components, industry experts recommend sticking with OEM parts. The logic is that your bike’s original manufacturer designed the engine and OEM components are the key to it running at peak performance. Fortunately, OEM engine parts can often be more affordable than aftermarket prices.

Parts Availability and Selection

Parts availability and selection often play a role in riders’ purchasing decisions. OEM transmission and engine parts for older bikes are typically a little harder to find. This is because manufacturers make them available for a limited period after production. Aftermarket parts such as exhausts, brakes, and rims and spokes tend to be widely available with a great selection of choices.


Outfitting your bike with aftermarket or OEM parts can give you power, performance and pride. Generally, it’s more cost-effective to go with aftermarket parts for your customization. Again, it depends on which area of your bike you’re customizing and your budget.

It’s up to you to decide whether aftermarket or OEM parts fit your biking bill. Do your research by comparing parts’ prices, selection and availability online. Industry leaders like Bike Bandit make your task easier by allowing you to find parts and manuals by specifying your bike’s make and model. Enjoy your search for aftermarket or OEM parts Honda motorcycle or any other make of bike!