Lush Indoor Greenery: The 5 Best Low Light Indoor Plants

There are plenty of reasons you should consider bringing a little bit of the outdoors indoors.

Plants can brighten a room, add a pop of color to your décor, or even cover up an unsightly stain on the rug. Indoor plants offer both environmental and surprising physical health benefits.

But keeping plants alive indoors can be tricky for even those with a natural green thumb. Finding plants that are suited to an indoor environment can help. Here are the five best low-light indoor plants to brighten up your home.

Best Tall Plant for Low-Light Spaces

If you are looking for indoor foliage with some real height to it, consider a tree.

It might seem odd to put a tree indoors, but there are several varieties that thrive inside, even in low light. The parlor palm tree thrives indoors with small space and little direct light (needing only about two hours per day).

Best Low-Light Flowering Plant

There are actually a wide variety of flowering plants that do well in low light. One of the most popular is the Spathiphyllum Wallisii, widely known as the peace lily.

This low light exposure indoor plant is thought to bring a peaceful and soothing vibe to a room. It needs very little direct light and only weekly watering.

When Biggest Is Best

When size matters, the best large indoor plant for low light is the Monstera Deliciosa (also known as the Swiss cheese plant).

The leaves on the Monstera plant can grow up to two feet wide and have what look like cuts in them (hence the Swiss cheese name). In its natural setting, the plant can grow to an astounding twenty feet. Indoors, it is more likely to grow to eight to ten feet.

Best Low-Light Indoor Plants for Pet Safety

If you are looking for a houseplant that thrives in low light but is also safe for Fido and kitty, the African Violet is the way to go.

This houseplant has colorful blooms, in pinks and purples, and is low maintenance. It thrives in low-light settings and is non-toxic, making it pet-friendly.

Hardiest Low-Light Plant Around

If you really want a houseplant but suffer from a terrible case of “black thumb,” the cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is known for being nearly indestructible.

The plant gets its name from its “iron-clad” constitution, and can survive not only low-light, but also infrequent watering, low humidity levels, and even fluctuation in temperatures.

The plant offers evergreen foliage that can grow up to three feet tall.

A Variety of Choices

As you can see, there are a wide variety of plants suited for indoor spaces. These best low-light indoor plants are a great jumping-off point for those who want to “green up” their low-light spaces. But there are plenty of plants that thrive with little light.

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