Getting married is needless to say a big step in one’s life.

With that being the case; how will you know when the timing may be right to pop the question or say yes if asked?

While marrying can be financial relief, good health, and many memories, it is not something to rush.

So, is that the right person to marry if you are thinking of asking them or the other way around?

Know as Much as You Can About a Person

If marriage could be in your future, here are some things you want to check off your list first before saying yes:

1. How well do you know the individual?

It goes without saying that you want to know as much as possible about one you consider marrying. Yes, some people do have short engagements and still end up with happy unions. That said taking the time to get to know someone is usually the best road to travel.

For one, what do you know about the person’s background? Are they in the clear as far as divorce, financial issues and more?

When it comes to divorce, you can use the Internet to help you learn more about someone. You can go online and research public divorce records. Such records can provide you with info you want on that someone you could end up calling your spouse one day.

The more info you have ahead of time on someone the better off you will be. This includes the obvious like a full name, where they are from and so on. While you hope someone you may marry is being upfront with you, doing a little research never hurts.

2. Talk about finances

One of the big roadblocks to as successful marriage is when two argue over money. That said sit down ahead of time to discuss your financial expectations and what they expect. Also make it a point to know about any large debts the individual may have. You want to know if they come into a potential marriage with serious credit card debt, tax debt and more. Also make sure they have a steady income stream before marrying. It is not uncommon for people to lose their jobs. That said you do not want to end up having to support your other half for years.

3. Any criminal record

Online research could also lead you to find out if they have a criminal record. Traffic tickets are on things to have in one’s life. It is different if they have been charged and convicted of any serious crimes. While most people deserve a second chance, how far are you willing to go in marrying one with a criminal record?

4. Expectations down the road

Last, what are the person’s expectations down the road? That is when it comes to having children, where to live and more? You want to talk these things through before saying you do. Failing to do so can lead to some upset feelings and even a split if one is not careful.

When thinking of marrying someone, how will you know if they are the right person to spend the rest of your days with?