Gardens can be expensive to renovate but they really don’t have to be and there are in fact many cheap options which you can look at that will get your garden in great shape. I moved from Alberta, Canada to the USA last year for a job working with Investar USA, these guys focus on real estate and often act as a lender to reinvigorate communities. During my time with the group I have learned a lot about construction and gardening, and it has opened my eyes up to how cheap you can do a garden makeover. I would be a fraud however if I told you that I did this in my own garden, I was in fact helped greatly by a couple of colleagues of mine who knew far more than I did. Nonetheless I was able to get a great looking garden without spending a lot of money, and here are some tips which you can use in the gardens in your homes, to give them a new look.

Tidy and Organize

The biggest difference which I saw in my garden was after the first couple of days after we had got in and done some serious tidying up. At the very least this will make a huge difference in your garden and if you can get some weeding done, get rid of the junk and clear out the dead planet before turning over any soil, you will see huge improvement.

Pallet Decking

Looking to do decking on a budget? Look no further than pallets which warehouses use to transport goods. You can get pallets for very low prices from warehouses and you may even be able to get some for free if you are in luck. Once these pallets have been sanded down, treated and painted they look absolutely great and because they are all the same size, they fit together really well. Don’t think that just because you are on a budget that you can’t have some nice decking, you most certainly can.


Turf which you roll out onto your garden can be pretty expensive and whilst it does give you an instant lawn, there really isn’t a budget version available. The cheapest option to use is to plant grass seed, this will get you a great lawn but it will take at least 9 -12 months for it to grow. Regardless of the fact that it will take a long time, it is cheap and the result looks absolutely great.


 For some quirky touches we went to a local thrift shop and picked up some old metal objects such as a bike and a sewing machine. If you place them right these can look absolutely awesome in the garden and add a touch of originality. There are loads of options as to what you can put in the garden, but metal seems to work best against the freshness of the flora.