Marijuana Joint

There are many different ways to enjoy marijuana, but perhaps none so classic as the joint. Many cannabis users today stray from this tried and true method because it seems challenging or time-consuming. But while it can be hard at first, with some patience and a little practice, you’ll be rolling with the best of them before you know it. 

Small, portable, and easy to share, joints are a favorite among flower smokers because they are less bulky than a water pipe and don’t require cleaning. If you’ve been wanting to roll a joint but don’t know where to start, this quick guide will get you started in no time. 

Below is everything you need to know for how to roll a joint with ease, and even a few tips that could make the process easier. Keep reading if you’re ready to enjoy marijuana in one of the most iconic ways possible. 

What Is a Joint?

Joints are a method of smoking marijuana that uses ground cannabis rolled in paper. Joints differ from blunts, which are rolled with cigar paper, and spliffs, which contain tobacco. 

To roll a joint, you’ll need:

  • Cannabis flower
  • A grinder
  • Rolling paper
  • Rolling filters

Grinders, rolling paper, and filter tips are available at your local smoke shop or online. 

How to Roll a Joint Perfectly

It may take some practice, but rolling a joint isn’t complicated. Once you have everything you need, use the following steps to prepare your joint. And remember, it doesn’t have to be pretty to be smoked:

Prepare Cannabis

To roll a joint, you’ll need around 1/2 gram of ground cannabis. While you can use whatever amount you prefer, this a good starting point for new smokers or new joint rollers. 

The best way to grind marijuana is with a grinder, but if you don’t have one, you can also use scissors. You’ll want your cannabis to be as uniform as possible to provide an even smoke, so try and keep all the ground marijuana around the same size. 

You can use whatever strain you prefer, but make sure you’re rolling with good quality material like the high grade weed from Platinum Buds. When your cannabis is ground, you’re ready to prepare your roll. 

Make Filter

Filters, also called crutches or tips, provide stability and keep the flower from escaping the joint into your mouth. Filter papers are small and rectangular, so you can easily cut your own if you can’t find any for purchase. 

To roll a tip, fold the end of your filter into the shape of a ‘W’ using an accordion fold. Next, curl the rest of the filter around that fold. 

What you should end up with is a small paper tube with a ‘W’ inside it. Don’t worry if it takes some practice to roll a good tip; it doesn’t have to be perfect to do its job. 

Filters aren’t necessary, but they are preferred by most smokers and may make rolling the joint easier. 

Fill Rolling Paper

Once you have ground cannabis and a filter, you can fill your rolling paper.

To do this, lay the paper on a flat surface with the glue, which is a thin shiny strip facing up. Next, place your filter tip at one end of the paper.

Then spread your cannabis, typically around 1/2 a gram, evenly down the length of your rolling paper. Leave a small space at the end so you can twist the joint shut. 

Roll Your Joint

To roll a joint, take the edge of the rolling paper that has no glue and tuck it over your ground cannabis. Next, wet the glue edge and roll the joint the rest of the way. 

Now that you have your rolled tube, you can stick a thin tool like a pen into it to pat down the marijuana. Once that’s done, twist the end of the joint shut and prepare to light up!

This is the step that gives people the most trouble, but it comes easily after a little practice. As you roll, keep in mind that your goal is a paper tube filled with packed cannabis that is wider on the end opposite the filter. 

Quick Tips

Even expert joint rollers may want to speed up the process sometimes. If you’re having trouble learning or are just looking to make rolling joints easier, these simple ideas could help:

Rolling Machines

Many people who enjoy joints opt to make them with a rolling machine. Cheap, easy to use, and ideal for those who suffer from arthritis, rolling machines are simple devices that allow you to roll a perfect joint every time. 

If you’re looking to roll faster or prepare several joints at once, a rolling machine is an easy way to skip the learning curve of rolling a joint by hand. 

Pre-Rolled Cones

If you don’t want to use a rolling machine, you can streamline the process even more by using a cone. Pre-rolled cones are rolling papers that have already been rolled and sealed but don’t have any contents. 

To use them, simply fill the empty pre-roll with ground marijuana of your choice and then twist the end shut. You can also buy pre-rolled filter tips, which will help you roll your joints even faster!

Easy Joint Rolling for Beginners

An easy skill to learn and build on, joint rolling has been a part of marijuana culture for decades. Portable and convenient, joints are a favorite way of smoking marijuana for good reason.

If you have never tried to roll a joint, now is the perfect time to learn. The next time you’re ready to enjoy marijuana, use these simple steps to get rolling perfect joints in no time. 

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