Home Office

Working from home is a dream that many of us hope to achieve. With images of fixing the kids their lunch while you’re happily typing away, sitting in your pyjamas all day, doing a spot of ironing in-between conference calls…it sounds idyllic. But, ask anyone who works from home (especially if they have young children) and they might tell you a different story.

One of the most common issues with working from home, is that home life slowly begins to creep into your work life. Whether that’s a pile of toys under your office chair, “artistic” drawings all over your whiteboard or a cup of juice, dangerously balanced on top of the laptop…but don’t worry, here you’ll find some helpful tips and ideas of how you can make your dream home office work for you.

Make your outdoor space part of the plan

If you worked in an office, you’d get a lunch break right? A chance to get away from the computer and move a little? So, why deny yourself that just because you’re working from home? Get your garden or outdoor space into shape and make it the perfect place to both relax and take a break from the screen. Plant some new flowers, or a range of flowering trees to enjoy throughout the year. Spruce up your garden furniture a little on invest in a new set, you’ll have the perfect place to collect your thoughts and regroup before taking on the next thing on your to-do list.

And if the weather is just right – you can always work outdoors too! One of the many perk of working from home!


Lighting is key when it comes to working. Having it too bright and clinical will have a negative impact on your productivity and having the light too dim and gloomy will have the same effect. Make sure you invest in a few well-placed lamps that aren’t too intrusive and won’t impact your screen. In addition, if you can choose an office space with plenty of natural light, that will greatly improve your productivity and your mood!


Yes, having pictures of the kids and your partner on the wall is a great way to keep your motivation up. But they can quickly become part of the wallpaper. Try rotating your pictures and remember to add things that make you smile, laugh and remind you of success.

Don’t forget a little comfort

Your desk area is going to be a busy place, with your computer and technology, lighting, papers, stationary and everything else. So, creating a comfy space in your office is the perfect place to have a think and a break from your workload. A large comfy chair to curl up in or a large sofa to stretch out on after hours of being scrunched up in front of the computer is ideal. Add some big comfy cushions and a colourful throw or two and you’ve got it covered. You could even have a quick power nap…we won’t tell anyone!