Being green doesn’t mean that your home can’t be fashion-forward. If you’re living an eco-friendly lifestyle, your kitchen model Los Angeles can still be stylish and beautiful. You just need to think about where you’re shopping and what materials you’re using. Shopping wisely for your home can reduce your carbon footprint and give you a home that you’ll want to come back to.

Shop Local

Support local artisans, contractors and a Santa Monica interior design business. Instead of shipping home décor to your home, buy what you want locally. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint by not consuming fuel and using packaging, you’ll also keep your money in your community. Local businesses support other businesses and non-profits that ultimately benefit you. Your tax dollars stay local, supporting your community’s infrastructure.

Use Plants as Decorations

Indoor plants improve air quality, reduce your stress and speed your recovery from illnesses. Working with plants is therapeutic. If you work from home, plants are said to increase your productivity. Choose sustainable plants that are easy to grow. Use natural pots that easily integrate with your décor to avoid plastic pots. Start a compost pile for natural fertilizer instead of using chemicals. Plants can be a great addition to any room as part of the décor. You could even grow herbs or vegetables in your home as part of your kitchen décor.  

Incorporate Lighting

Natural lighting can reduce your reliance on energy through the day, but even if you don’t have many windows, you can improve any room by changing the lighting. Install dimmer switches for more control over your lighting. Choose LEDs to reduce your energy load. Create an interesting room with a variety of lights to make spaces bright as can be when you need light for work or study. Make sure your windows are insulated to prevent heat loss when you open the blinds.

Choose Furniture Made of Natural Materials

When you’re buying furniture as part of your kitchen remodeling Pacific Palisades, look for sustainable materials, such as wood, bamboo, marble or natural stone. There are many green options when you’re redecorating. Avoid polyester, plastic, nylon, particleboard or non-organic materials. Look for rugs made of sustainable material. Choose natural textiles, wool, cotton or jute, for upholstery or curtains. Look for manufacturers that support sustainability. It might take a little research, but you’ll be doing a service for the planet.

Recycle and Reuse

As you redecorate, recycle what you aren’t using any longer. Try to reuse items that still fit into your home. Look for antiques or upscale consignment stores to purchase gently used items instead of buying new. Think outside the box and look for reclaimed wood, such as old doors or windows from homes that are being torn down. Repurpose items from other rooms to update the look of your home without buying new.

Know Your Design Aesthetic

There are many things that you can do to be eco-friendly and stylish, but the professionals who work for you need to know your preferences. Your home will be unique when you step away from the mass-produced furniture options and decorations. Talk to your interior decorator about your green philosophy and get started with a redesign today.