It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you usually still feel as if you didn’t have enough. If you want to change it, there are couple of different ways of doing it. You can work more, find new projects to earn with, or use your existing money to earn interest on that.

Working more
The good thing about working more is that you don’t need to have any capital to be able to do that – you just work more, whatever you do, maybe even get a second job, and by doing that earn more. That’s the risk-free way of doing it, and it’s definitely not a bad way. Of course, the negative side is that by the end of the day you might overwork yourself, and that’s not a good idea. An alternative here would be not to work more, but get a better-paying job.

Now, there are also other ways of earning, in addition to your main job(s), but in case of all of these you first need to have some sort of start-up capital (although just 100 might suffice), and compared to having a normal job, your start-up capital or at least a part of it would always be at risk. So what am I talking about?

(1) Safer investments
Firstly you can just keep your money in the bank, but assuming you really have just 100 bucks or maybe even 1000, the interest you’d earn from your bank is usually extremely low, thus you couldn’t even call it an investment. The good thing about it that it’s safe. Other, slightly riskier options would be to invest your money in crowdfunding loans (peer-to-peer lending sites), crowdfunding real estate developments in your country. In case of the peer-to-peer lending sites you can minimize your risk by not lending anyone a huge amount, but instead divide your investment among 50-200 different borrowers. You can expect to earn probably around 5-10% a year from your money like that. Of course, pay attention to which platform you use for that, to make sure they are not a scam but legit.

(2) Riskier investments
And by riskier I mean that you stand to lose everything if you don’t know what you are doing. But if you do know what you are doing, most of your money is always safe. I’m talking about betting on sports using mansionbet or any other betting site. Ideally you never put all of your bankroll in one bet. Rather, none of your bets should be higher than maximum of 2% of your total bankroll. How much can you expect to earn? Anywhere between 5-20% of your betting amounts could be considered a good result. But as mentioned – to actually do it successfully, you NEED to learn about betting first, you NEED to be a fan of sports, so you’d actually be able to figure out the correct odds yourself. And you NEED to have the discipline to do it right. Otherwise chances are that you’ll end up losing it all.

(3) Riskier real investments
You could also decide to invest in commodities such as stocks, or forex, or even crypto. But as with betting, you need to learn a lot first, ideally you should always follow the related news, learn about the basics of trading, learn about Japanese candlesticks, learn about technical indicators. And of course, again, also about money management. The profit lines and importance of stop loss limits. And a lot more. It’s not easy. But the ROI is limitless. Think of the volatility in the crypto market – this can make it possible for you to earn a lot (think 5% of your investment) in a matter of minutes, but this also means that if you don’t know what you are doing, you could lose it all as fast.

(4) Risky stupid investments
The hyip’s are back. Hyip is a high-yield investment program, sort of an investment scam that promises high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. Many of those hyip’s claim that they are actually earning with your money, but almost 100% of the time that’s actually not the case. You might earn up to 10% of your investment a day, but chances are that before you get your money back, the creators will run and hide with your hard-earned investment.