bad phone reception

Many factors can cause lousy cell connection, but that hasn’t stopped people to look for solutions. Mostly, if you cannot access proper connection, it is because you are far from the cell tower set up by your cell phone service provider. However, objects such as trees, big buildings, and hills can also cause a weak signal. The main causes of poor phone signal include:

Geography and Obstacles between You and the Cell Tower

If you live away from the urban areas or major roads, you are likely to have problems with cell phone reception. It means you have to drive close the cell tower and make calls. This same thing happens to people living in areas where a mountain is between them and the cell tower. Such geographical features block signals, which are usually devastating if you are unlucky to be caught in these regions. Fortunately, all of this can be solved by getting a proven signal amplifier.

Cellular Traffic

Sometimes, a particular cell phone service provider may have so many subscribers that most of the time, more than 5-10 people may make calls at the same time. This is what leads to heavy cellular traffic, which leads to a weak signal.  Your phone will try to get a higher signal, and despite the tower being strategically located near you, your call may not go through.

Building Material

If your car, house, shopping mall, or place of work is built with heavy material, you are likely to experience a bad phone signal. Some of the materials that may cause this include low emissivity glass and metal. If you notice that service fade as soon as you get indoors, this could be the core problem.

Low battery

Failing to charge your phone on time can cause a weak signal. A cell phone becomes weak without a charged battery, and so it may not connect to the nearest cell tower.

Bad Weather

The electromagnetic waves transmitted and received by cell phones are easily affected by weather. Your cell phone signal becomes weak due to heavy rains, lightning, snow, wind, and heavy clouding.

Blocked Antenna

Cell phones have evolved and have become smaller and smaller. A few years ago, cell phones used to have an external antenna. Today, smartphones have the antennas embedded inside.  Every phone model is different, so are the antenna’s location. If you happen to block it, even unknowingly, you will not access the phone signal.

Mother Nature

This often happens when going for a walk. Being around a leaf canopy plantation may block cell signals and lead the call fading or even having it dropped. If you live in a house surrounded by big trees, they can lead to a lack of a strong signal.

Cosmic Events

When the sun’s surface erupts, gas is released to the atmosphere. This leads to the disruption of mobile connection. The solar flares release shockwaves, which travel via space.

There is nothing much you can do about the natural causes of weak cell phone signal, but on the bright side, Mobile Booster has the best solution for each case.