You can’t wait for the new year, as you’ll be heading to another city hundreds of miles away for business. You’re now ready to start building your itinerary and booking your hotel. But before you book that hotel, wait just a few minutes. Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, recently shared in an article why a hotel may not, in fact, be the best accommodation choice for a lengthy business trip. Instead, you may want to book a corporate housing unit in your future temporary city.


According to Brian Ferdinand in the recent article, a major advantage of corporate housing units is that they are essentially luxury apartments, not hotels. As a result, you can expect to have more space to move around and store your items, such as clothing, in your living space. You’ll also have a dedicated kitchen for your preparing full meals, as well as a dedicated workspace/desk for tackling tasks while at “home.”

As a general rule of thumb, hotels want their guests to remain on their properties to engage in activities that generate revenue. These activities include cocktails and meals, for example. However, corporate housing firms take a different approach.

Corporate housing firms’ goal when catering to their guests is to create home bases for relaxation as well as exploration. Thus, the units available through CorpHousing Group, for example, come with residential refrigerators rather than tiny hotel refrigerators, for example. As a result, you can easily bring home a pizza and reheat it later on, as you’ll have plenty of fridge space to store it. Meanwhile, in a hotel, you would likely have to toss the pizza due to having too small of a fridge.


Another reason to choose corporate housing over a hotel is that with the former, you can easily explore your new town as though you were a local there. The reason for this is that leading luxury apartment rentals in urban centers offer visitors more localized experiences.

With a hotel, you’re constantly surrounded by other people like you—visitors who know very little about the city you’re staying in. In addition, your hotel room might be located in a suburban area or beside an airport. However, with a corporate housing firm, you can find a unit that is located right in the city’s heart. As a result, when you leave your temporary home for the day or night, you’ll be able to immediately breathe in and enjoy the energy and culture of the city.