While Boris Blanche is not a name some people are familiar with, he’s the new managing director of IRU. Due to his commitment to his job, there’s no question he’s their most qualified individual. Besides, he’s already the chief operations officer of the company. After getting the promotion, he’s going to retain his responsibilities as the COO. He’s just going to add the task of heading the advocacy campaigns to his responsibilities. With his association to various global trade networks all over the country, that shouldn’t be a problem. The sound of becoming the COO of IRU – the world’s transport organization isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds. However, thanks to his outstanding professionalism and hard work, he was able to withstand the huge burden on his shoulders. You can ensure the individual took the challenged and rolled with it. If he wasn’t able to do so, the IRU should be struggling right now. Over the two years he’s taken into responsibility the tasks of the COO, his colleagues have nothing but praise for him.

Boris Blanche has earned the respect of various global trade networks and that’s not easy to do. They all saw the amount of dedication he brings to whatever job he has. He has worked in two world-renowned companies before working at the IRU. Of course, he did a great job in those two companies. After all, the IRU wouldn’t hire him if he didn’t. The company can only look forward to future success with him having more responsibilities. Of course, companies encounter problems all the time and the promotion couldn’t have come at a better time. Blanche was recently the center of a lawsuit filed by a former employee of the company. Good thing, a financial audit was done on the IRU so any cases filed against them were forgotten. You can’t blame ex-employees for getting angry at their ex-employer. It’s possible they think they were mistreated. As a result, they have all the right to file a case. However, that doesn’t mean they are right or wrong. It only means the company has a pending case filed against them.

A lot of people see Boris Blanche’s hard work and determination. In fact, a lot of people went from criticizing him to praising his efforts. It’s a good thing his hard work didn’t go unnoticed as can be seen in his promotion. Like they say, good things happen to good people. Boris is not one of those people who is forced to come to work every single day. He walks the extra mile and exerts a lot of effort. It’s not to impress those above him. In addition, it’s not for the purpose of getting a promotion. It’s for the good of whatever company he’s working for. The last thing you’d want to refer to him as is a selfish human being. He cares about the growth of those below him too. He’d love nothing more than to see someone succeed because of his guidance.