green energy

My friend Bharat Bhise has always been someone who was conscious of how the way he lived impacted the planet, and to be honest it has only been in the last couple of years that I have finally understood why he was so passionate about this. Whether we like it or not, climate change is happening and there is a responsibility on all of our shoulders to do something about it. We have seen in the last year a huge spike in interest on this subject, and people like Greta Thurnberg have lead the way in waking the world up to this problem. If you want to do your bit in 2020, here is how to get started.

Drive Less

The pollution being produced by cars is just incredible and it is having  massive effect on our ozone layer. To combat this you should be looking at ways in which you can travel without having to take the car. Cycling is the ideal option but if that is not possible then look to public transport, which ferries many people in just one vehicle. If you do have to drive then try to car-pool with friends, family or colleagues.

Meat Eating

The meat and dairy industry is one of the major culprits in terms of negatively impacting our planet and beyond the noxious gases of animal waste products, this industry is why they are burning down forests to make way for grains which will be given to the animals. There is also massive water use to consider when looking after the animals before they go to slaughter. The ideal scenario is that you become vegan, but if you aren’t quite ready to do this then at the very least minimize greatly how much meat you eat, and ensure that the meat which you do consume is from free-range sources.

In The Home

Inside your home you need to lay heavy focus on the amount of energy which you and your family is using. The more energy you use the more pressure it puts on the infrastructure around electricity, gas and water, and the more we plunder the earth for its value. If you are able to reduce the amount of energy which you use at home then you can do something good for the planet, and you will also be saving money as you do it.

Eat Local

Eating local produce rather than buying produce from the store which has been flown in from all over the world is going to greatly contribute to minimizing food miles. You may love those Avocados from Mexico, or the pears from Israel, but getting the food to your plate is doing great harm to the world around us. Shop local, support your local community and help to minimize the damage which is being done to the planet.

With these easy steps you can start to do your bit to help the planet.