Bharat Bhise HNA is a cybersecurity expert who has dedicated the last decade of his career to helping businesses to understand the dangers which a cyberattack present. At a recent tech conference we were lucky enough to catch up with Bharat to find out more about cyberattacks and whether or not they are on the rise. This is something which is often mooted and it is of course a fact which should strike fear into any business operation, given that so many of us rely on commuters to carry out our operations.

Are They on the Rise?

In spite of the fact that cybersecurity is getting better and better with each year that passes, the level of cyberattacks is rising almost in line with it. There are a number of reasons as to why there are more cyberattacks happening and much of this is down to people being more aware of the power which they have when they are sat at their computer.

Hacking Groups

There has always been hacking groups but not as many as there are now and this makes it much easier for someone who is interested in hacking to learn more and to join up with other hackers. When you perform a DoS attack for example it is essential that there are a number of people and systems in place to bombard a certain site or server with a massive volume of attacks, this is why we see recruitment in hacking which then pushes more and more people to get involved.


There is more information on computers than ever before which means that there is even more reason to try and hack someone’s computer or that of a business. So many of us rely on computers to manage our daily lives which is why they have so much sensitive information on them. Hackers know that if they are able to obtain access to your computers or your home wi-fi that they can also gain access to a great amount of personal data which they can then sell on or use for gain.


In the main people make it very easy for hackers to attack them and the way in which many people choose their passwords and use cybersecurity is tantamount to leaving the door open in your house, in a high crime neighborhood. In many ways there is additional cyberattacks because of the level of temptation which is there for many. Most hackers are able to easily commit these attacks, they do so from a remote location, there is little risk of being caught and the entire thing is completely faceless. If you are trying to hack into a worldwide conglomerate then you may find it difficult of course, hacking into a home internet network is not quite so challenging and this is another reason why these attacks are on the rise.

Be careful and make sure that you use your computers with a security conscious mindset.