When it comes to carrying out a marketing strategy for your brand, deciding on the smartest group of persons to do the job is an important part of the process. In most cases, your company may already have an in-house marketing group or set of people who have done branding jobs before. It then becomes a tall order for you to decide whether you should outsource the services or use your current resources. While using an in-house team has many advantages, like having an understanding of the company and the culture of the people in London, so does getting an agency to work with you. Here are some advantages.


In most cases, the agency delivers the project faster than the office team would. This is because your in-house team has other projects that may act as a distraction, therefore preventing the completion of the particular project at hand. If any additional resources are needed to hasten the process, the agency can avail these resources. As long as you provide the agency with information with the company’s culture and expectations from the project, you will get the work done in a timely manner.

Different perspective

You have to admit that with time, the creativity levels in your in-house group may appear to go down. In most cases, this is caused by the fact that the group thinks within the confines of the company, with little or no ability to think outside the box. When you contract the services of a creative agency, you open your business to fresh ideas. Keep in mind that the agency has the advantage of interacting with other companies in the same industry within London, which allows them to know what has been overdone and what is the trendy thing at the moment.

More skills

While setting up an in-house team, the members are picked on the basis of what is deemed as a priority for the company. However, a creative agency has an unlimited human resource that adds to the quality of the work done. Your company may only have a project manager, designer and copywriter while the agency has a provision for a person who strategizes on the brand in addition to a video editor. In this case, you can be sure that your brand is being handled by competent and talented people. The aim is to find a competent, creative agency London that will meet all your marketing needs.

Flexible budget

When you are working with an in-house team, things may get tough financially prompting you to let some of your staff go. This affects the overall mood of the team; hence the output of the team. However, seeking services of a creative agency will make it easy for you to increase or reduce the budget depending on the magnitude of the project at hand. For instance, a major event like a launch can cost more than the everyday marketing strategies hence the flexibility.

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