It’s one of those things you always say to yourself; “I must get out on that bike this weekend!”
Typically, when something is out of one’s usual routine the tendency is to avoid doing since it becomes just another thing to do. This is no truer then when it comes to getting on 2 wheels and going for a bike ride.
Since the biking industry has had a resurgence in popularity and improved road conditions there is no better time to dust off the old racer and pump up the tires and go for a leisurely spin.

Cycling author, Ayden Hector, offers five clear reasons why we should get on your bike and ride.


First and foremost there’s the exercise. Since its essential to make 3 weekly exercise schedules to have your heart pumping for 40 minutes, utilizing the utility of a bike is a fantastic way to get your cardio in without the boredom of gyms or home based work outs.
Taking a bike ride for 40 mins in a park at a continuous and steady pace will accommodate for one of these exercise sessions and is easily the most exhilarating and fun way of keeping fit.
Taking on steep gradients will encourage leg strength and improve your heart rate by 40% over a 3-month period and is a great way to destress from home office or family life.

2.Better carbon footprint

Consider the bike over the use of car to make your commute or leisure pursuit trips will massively improve one’s carbon footprint. It’s been calculated by Sustrans, the UK leading cycle charity that aims to get more people utilizing their 2 wheels rather than 4, will reduce one’s carbon consumption significantly. For example, replacing a 20 km car journey with the bike each week will save 2 tons of Carbon each annual quarter. That is a massive reduction in one’s footprint and will generate a positive sense of altruism toward the environment.

3.Social activity

Cycling is fun! But it is also a social activity. Consider the difference if a group trip involved driving individually to a destination. There would be no conversation or observations around your journey.
Organizing a group bike trip involves an ensnarement with your surroundings and the opportunity to catch up with friends as you work the pedals.

4. Cycle lane infrastructure

Cycle lane provisions have vastly improved in the last 10 years across the UK with huge investments made into making urban cycling a safe activity. Once, the fear of the curb hugging left hand road side routes would leave fainted hearted peddlers trepidations on taking the bike to work. Thankfully now, most modern cities offer designated cycle lanes along with network route maps to ensure a stress free ride awaits you for your journey.

5.Learn a skill. the art of bike maintenance.

Maintaining your bike is an art. After some time on a bike, one gets strongly connected with the engineering and functioning of the instrument and as such, the need to keep on top of its maintenance can be a fond pursuit beyond the pressures of work or engaging in computer based necessities.
Like any new skill, following instructions form manuals and self-help guides is a process but learning something new will bring new dimensions of joy to your 2 wheels.