Public Health England ​ released a report ​ a couple years ago suggesting that vaping nicotine is 95% less harmful​ than smoking cigarettes. So if you’re trying to quit, don’t let frightening headlines about the potential dangers of vaping keep you from making the change. Some readers will be quick to pick up on the fact that Public Health England’s report doesn’t mean vaping is 100% harmless; and they’d be right. Indeed, some vape flavors are more toxic than others–butter, vanilla, and cinnamon flavorings were found to be the worst of the lot ​ by researchers in a laboratory study performed earlier this year and published in Frontiers in Physiology. The same study also concluded that mixed flavors were far more damaging than any one flavor on its own, a finding that has been supported by other laboratory research.​ So those concerned about their health but still wanting to vape CBD might want to consider single fruit flavors like Active CBD Watermelon E-liquid. 

Not all manufacturers take steps to adequately protect the health of their consumers, either. Discover CBD carries a wide range of vaping and dabbing products for every style of consumer, and wants to help you make informed choices about what you’re putting in your body because they care about your health. 

So with all this information out there about potential toxicity, why vape CBD at all? There are several good reasons to consider vaping, whether or not you’ve been a smoker or vaper in the past. Let’s take a closer look at these below:

For one, vaporizing CBD is the fastest way to feel its effects.​ For those suffering from stress or subject to migraines, vaping CBD may be their best option. I know; I suffer from migraines myself. While tinctures provide relief in 15-20 minutes, vaping does so in just 1-5 minutes. Twenty minutes can feel like a long time when your brain is on fire. I choose to vape CBD in this situation because I feel relief almost immediately. It’s worth mentioning here that the European Academy of Neurology has concluded that cannabinoids are an effective preventative for migraines,​ perhaps even for those who have not benefited from conventional medications. However, they also found that cannabinoids are effective in treating acute cluster headaches only in those who suffered from migraines as children.  

Secondly, CBD is not habit forming. It’s both non-psychoactive and non-addictive,​ and it’s suggested that we don’t develop a tolerance to its effects. So if you do choose to vape, you won’t be tempted to suck on a flash drive every fifteen minutes like those of us vaping nicotine. Most of the consumers I talk to vape CBD on an as-needed basis, so any potential health harms will be much less than those for people who are driven to vape constantly by nicotine addiction. 

If you vape already, and you’re interested in using CBD to cut down or quit nicotine entirely,​ you might want to consider the Active CBD Oil Vape Additive. It’s formulated with propylene glycol (PG) and pure CBD Isolate, and can be added to your preferred vape juice without affecting the flavor. I’ve tried several similar products, and I genuinely prefer Active CBD Oil. Full- and broad-spectrum vape additives have had impurities that gunked up my coils extremely quickly and gave me undesirable side-effects like sleepiness. 

Discover CBD also carries pure CBD that can be used for vaping or dabbing with no added ingredients. For those of you who remain unconvinced but feel they need the urgent relief that inhaled CBD can bring, consider using a dab pen, concentrate vaporizer, or conventional dab rig to vape pure CBD powder ​​with no added ingredients.

Discover CBD ensures every batch of every product they make is analyzed by a third-party analytical lab. Those reports are available on their website or by simply scanning the QR code on any Active CBD Oil product, so you can verify for yourself that their products are exactly as potent and pure as we say they are. Transparency is very important to them. Personally, I am extremely wary of any company unwilling to provide me with this information–after all, why wouldn’t they?