Moving in

During these trying times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have chosen to move to a cheaper living arrangement as income have reduced and unemployment rate has increased. If you are looking to move due to your present situation and circumstances, and you are short on time, you may want to use this moving checklist to help you organize and compose yourself for the major process that is to come.

1. Contact with your building management

You should first contact the building management of your new location to confirm your date of moving in. You should also take note of any restrictions in items allowed to be moved in. These may include pets if you have any, the size of furniture to be transported and the time when your moving truck is allowed on premises. These information are crucial to ensure your moving process is as smooth as possible in its final stages.

2. Confirm your date

After contacting the building management at the new location, a date can then be confirmed based on their requirements, the availability of your moving company, and your situation. While you may want to move during a weekend, you movers may not be available for hire due to the higher demand on weekends. You can look for moving companies and their available dates as well as their rates at shipping aggregator services like Shiply. Besides, it may cost more to move during the weekend due to the higher demand.

3. Fill up donation bin

After confirming everything, it is time to pack. The first thing to pack is items that you do not want to move to your new location. Dispose off these items responsibly. Donate as much as you are able to and throw out the rest. This can be a chance for you to start fresh at your new location without the excess baggage from these items.

4. Pack

Finally, it is time to pack. Categorize your items into daily essentials, valuables and important documents, and general household items. Label all your boxes for easy access. Always keep your daily essential box in reach as these are what you immediately need in your new location before you unpack. While packing, prepare an inventory of the items you are moving with you. This gives you a detailed list in case something went missing in transit.

5. Change your mailing address

Finally, after all the preparation and moving process, it is time to change your mailing address to make sure you are reachable at your new location.