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Whether you’re looking to kick your cigarette smoking habit or you’re just interested in trying your hand at vaping, the world of electronic smoking devices can seem overwhelming for newbies.

Between e-cigs, vape pens, vape pods, and box pods, what does what and which option would suit you best? If you’re looking for help on understanding and choosing the best vape starter kit, this blog is all you need!

What’s Included In the Best Vape Starter Kit?

What’s the buzz about vape starter kits anyway? If you’re completely new to the realm of vaping, a starter kit is what you need in order to enjoy the best possible vaping experience. These kits for beginners are basically pre-selected bundles of vaping products and are specifically designed with your chosen vaping experience in mind.

In other words, the best type of vaping starter kit sets you up with all the essentials. However, you don’t need to be a beginner vaper to buy a starter kit, it’s merely a bundle deal that includes the following:

  • Your chosen vaping device, i.e. an e-cig, vape box, vape pen, etc.
  • The tank or e-liquid cartridge that goes with it
  • A charging cable for your device
  • A user manual on how to operate, charge, fill and clean your device
  • You may also receive a few additional replacement coils — depending on the device

The only thing that a vape starter kit does not usually include is your vape juice. This is the flavoring you can add to your vape device for a brilliant vaping experience. When you choose your actual vaping device, you have the following options to choose from.

What you choose is based on your personal preference and what you want to get out of vaping:

1. The E Cig

This is the best-suited option for those who are trying to kick a cigarette smoking habit. The e-cigarette is a similar shape and size to a traditional cigarette, just without harmful nicotine (or far less of it) and fluffy, flavored vapor, instead of toxic cigarette smoke.

This is a no-frills device if you’re looking for something simple and affordable. Most starter kits will include a charging cable, user manual, and e-liquid cartridge (depending on the model).

2. The Vape Pen

This is a similar option to an e-cigarette, except it looks more like a rectangular-shaped pen, hence the name. The pen-style device is slim, flat, and discreet and fits into almost size pocket or handbag.

They are generally a little more popular than e-cigarettes due to the fact that you can customize your vape pen. This provides more opportunities to experiment with vaping, including different flavors, and experiences.

3. The Box Mod

Once you get the hang of vaping, this is a device you might want to look into buying to upgrade your experience. The box mod is shaped like a small rectangular box, so it’s not as small or slim as the previous vape mods, but it’s still discreet enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

The box mod offers plenty of different features, a chance to customize your experience, as well as far more vaping power. The box mod is not necessarily recommended for beginners, but with plenty of user-friendly options today, you could give it a go if you’re feeling brave!

4. The Vape Pod

This is probably the most recent vape mod development on the market today. It offers an alternative to the iconic tank set-up and replaces it with e-juice pods.

This makes for a far more convenient experience. You can find kits with devices that offer pre-filled pods, while others offer refillable cartridges that you can combine with your e-liquid and flavor of choice.

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So, the best vape starter kit should include your device, your e-liquid tank, a charging cable, and a user manual. Don’t settle for a vape starter kit deal without these essentials!

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