Easter Ideas

If you’re hosting the Easter celebrations this year, and are still looking for ways to make your party fun and exciting for everyone, then here are 8 Easter activities that both kids and adults will like:

1. Bunny Hop

Set a starting point and a finishing point. The contestants have to put their legs inside potato sacks or old pillowcases and hop towards the finish line. The first one to cross it wins! Make the race more fun by having the contestants wear bunny ears and decorating their potato sacks or pillowcases with a cottontail.

2. Easter Egg Hunt

Hide a bunch of colourful Easter eggs around your backyard or neighbourhood park, and let the kids hunt for them. The one who finds the most number of eggs win! (You can also put little knickknacks and treats inside the eggs, so that everyone wins a prize.) Don’t forget to get them Easter baskets from The Works so they have somewhere to put their eggs in.

3. Charades

Put a little Easter twist on a classic game of charades by selecting words or phrases that relate to the holiday. Our suggestions include: chocolate, bunny, cottontail, chicks, eggs, spring, Jesus Christ (and other related names and terms for people who celebrate the holiday as part of their religion), and parade.

4. Pie-Eating Challenge

The British Pie Week happens a few weeks before Easter, but you can still bring the fun by having a pie-eating challenge. For kids, you can give each contestant a piece of the pie. For adults, you can have the contestants eat a whole pie. The first one to finish their pie wins!

5. Three-Legged Race

The three-legged race is always a fun game for both kids and adults no matter what the holiday is. You need pairs to stand beside each other, arms on each other shoulders, and laces to tie their inner feet together. All pairs begin at the starting point and must work together to cross the finish line. The first one to reach the end wins!

6. Marco Polo

Instead of finding “Marco Polo”, they must find the Easter Bunny! (So, the players won’t be shouting “Marco Polo!” They’ll say, “Easter Bunny!”) Make the game more fun and interesting by dressing up as an actual Easter Bunny. When the blindfolded participant finds the Easter Bunny, the Easter Bunny becomes the “it”, is blindfolded, and tries to find the new Easter Bunny. This game can be played on either land or water (a pool if your spring is a bit warmer and sunny!) until everyone has had a turn on being the Easter Bunny.

7. Egg Catch

Do you have a lot of families at your celebration? Pair up a parent with a child and have them play egg catch. With each successful round, the pair steps farther away from each other. The last participants to have an unbroken egg wins!

8. Simon Says

Or, in this case, the Easter Bunny says! The classic game chooses an Easter Bunny to give commands to the players. The last player to stay in the game wins!

Are you excited for Easter? You should be! These fun games and activities will make your party memorable for everyone coming.