Credit Tips

Do you have bad credit or you know a friend or relative suffering from the matter? If you do, it’s abou time you take control and set things right. You can effortlessly attain a bad credit, but it is very tough to obtain a perfect credit score.

Fortunately, you can snap out of the bad credit frustrations by following these 5 helpful tips that will help you build your credit score within a short period (not quick fixes though).

Get a periodic copy of Your Credit Report

You should learn from your mistakes. Many people get bad credit because they don’t review the copies of their credit reports thoroughly, or at times never bother to request them from the authorized agencies.

Make sure you go through your report carefully and if there is an issue you would want to dispute, reach out to an agency of your choice.

Pay your Creditors on Time

The credit regulations state that your payment history impacts 65% of your credit score. The best technique for boosting up your credit score is paying your creditors early or slightly before the deadline but not on the actual due date. It gets worse if you pay after the period. Therefore, you should make paying your lenders on time a priority.

Choose the best Short-Term Loan for you

By clearing your bills on time, it is also keeping your finances on track. This can make you eligible for a loan. You should consider the Payday loans alternative because it is more subjective, unlike the installment loans option which only aims at recovering the money. Although, the payday loan regulations restrict creditors to pay back the full amount at once. On the bright side, you will be free from the horrors of the constant rush of beating the deadline in installment loans. In installment loans, you are required to pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, depending on the agreement between you and the lender.

Use of Your Credit Card well

You should enjoy all the perks of your credit card effectively. A feature like the “70% Ceiling” principle, limits someone not to use more than 70% of your credit amount. For instance, when you have $100 credit, you will not be able to spend more the $70. This ensures that have enough money to pay your creditors in time.

Set up reminders

It is evident that the daily life routine can be stressful. Sometimes you can sincerely forget to make your payments in time. However, whatever the excuse, it is difficult to convince the creditor especial if the reason is that you’ve had a lot in your mind.

You can set up auto-pay reminders on your phone, or the to-do list in your office/home or get a finance tracking app that will alert you in advance. Don’t let the lenders punish you with ambiguous fines just because of an honest mistake.


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