5 Early Warning Signs of Dementia

About 55 million people in the world have dementia and warning signs of dementia can start as early as age 65. To get the best possible care for yourself or a loved one it’s important to recognize the early signs and symptoms of the condition.

Early intervention may not cure dementia but it can significantly improve the individual’s quality of life and safety as they get older. Keep reading to learn 5 early symptoms of dementia.

1. Memory Problems

One of the most common early dementia signs is trouble remembering. A person with dementia may have difficulty remembering the names of people or places, even if they are very familiar with the person or place. They may also struggle to find everyday words in their vocabulary during a conversation.

Another sign of memory trouble is when a person asks the same question several times during a conversation or repeats the same story again and again. Memory problems can also cause a person with dementia to get lost or wander because they don’t remember where they were going or how to get there. Having your loved ones in home care can help when symptoms of memory loss get more severe. 

2. Mood Changes

Dementia can also cause mood swings. A person with dementia may experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, or fear. If you notice that you or your loved one has uncharacteristic mood changes, it might be time to talk to a medical professional. 

3. Financial Problems

Part of caring for the elderly is making sure they have the financial assistance they need to make responsible decisions with their finances. When a person has dementia they may struggle with decision-making and judgment skills. They might make large or impractical purchases or they might forget to pay their bills.

If you or a loved one are having trouble making financial decisions or are behind in regular payments, this could be a symptom of dementia-related behavior.

4. Losing Things

We all misplace our cellphone or car keys from time to time. But people with dementia lose things often and they may put things back in places they don’t belong (i.e., putting their keys in the fridge). If you notice signs like this, it might be time to seek dementia treatment.

5. Difficulty with Activities of Daily Living 

Activities of daily living like getting dressed, bathing, or doing chores can be hard for elderly people who have physical or mental health issues. For those with dementia, they might not remember how to do those activities or they might start an activity and not finish it. 

For example, a person with dementia might start to make lunch but forget to close the fridge or forget where to find the bread. If your loved one struggling with activities of daily living, elderly care can help.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs of Dementia

As people get older it’s normal for them to experience some forgetfulness, but the warning signs of dementia are more serious. If you notice one or more of these signs, talk to a medical professional about diagnosis and treatment options. You may also want to research resources to help people with dementia, including a care facility.

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