Surgical procedures can be stressful, resulting in high levels of anxiety and fatigue.  And when they involve your eyes, you become even more concerned and worried. But there’s nothing to worry about if you’ve done your research and prepare well for the procedure. You would be at ease then, which would increase success chances and help you recover more quickly.

Here is what you should do to prepare yourself for a laser eye surgery.

Educate yourself

The doctors at Personal Eyes advise that the key to ensuring laser success and preparing well for the procedure is to educate yourself. Read more about laser online, talk to your eye doctor and get as much information as you can. Try to find people who have already been through the process either in your friend’s circle or even on social media. Learn from their experiences and ask them for tips.

Find out if you are the right candidate

The success rates of laser eye surgery are high around 96% or so. But not everyone is the right candidate, and if that’s the case, then surgery may not be successful in your case.  Talk to a skilled eye doctor and let them evaluate your scenario. Only when they deem that you’re the right candidate, should you move forward with the process.

You’re likely a good candidate for laser eye surgery if the following are true in your case.

  • You have healthy eyes. This means that you shouldn’t be suffering from an eye injury, infection or any other kind of disease. If your eyes are dry, they aren’t regarded as healthy, and laser may aggravate your condition.
  • Your cornea should have appropriate thickness and a smooth surface.
  • Your pupils should not be too larger. If this is the case, there are greater chances of you suffering from glares, halos and starbursts.
  • Your eye prescription must be within an acceptable range. If it’s too high, your surgeon may advise you against the procedure.
  • You should be older than 18 years.

Know what is expected from you on the operation day

If you’re undergoing laser eye surgery, you should take care of a couple of things on the day of the surgery. For instance, you should stop wearing makeup two or three days before the scheduled date. You should also stop wearing contacts a week before the surgery if you use soft lenses. If you use hard lens, then you should stop wearing them around four weeks before.

Also avoid using lotions, creams and perfumes, and ensure that your facial skin is free of products.

Learn what speeds up recovery

Talk to your eye doctor, find out what you post care is required and what can do to speed up recovery. For instance, you should take the day off from work. You also wouldn’t be able to drive, and should request someone to take you back home.

After the operation, ensure that water doesn’t get in your eyes and avoid rubbing them for around a week. You should also wear shades when the days are too sunny.