Campervan Couple

Looking to spice up your next holiday as a couple? Here are the 5 reasons to take a campervan trip as a couple. We’re here to convince you to avoid those tired holiday cliches and instead rent a campervan for your next trip. Campervan travel is an ideal way to escape your hectic schedules and reconnect, maybe you’ll like it so much that it ends up an annual tradition! It is also great for couples looking to explore new places but stay in charge of their own route. You can organise VW campervan hire and have the perfect little home on wheels for two!

1. Privacy

Campervans provide the ultimate privacy, as your road trip will be focused around the two of you. Most couples looking for an escape with their partner are likely to be looking for some privacy. You want to spend time with that person, not the six others in your hostel room or dozens of other passengers on a long train journey. What could be better than uninterrupted quality time? In the evenings you can cherish the privacy of your 4 ‘walls’, or roll out the awning to enjoy the cool evening air with a drink. You can carefully select the campsites you visit to ensure they have spacious pitches, preferably with some foliage to shield you off. Alternatively, you could go for wild camping, to ensure you have the place to yourself and to truly settle down in nature. Camping with comfort, a glamping vacation in a campervan!

2. Teamwork

Campervans may be smaller than other accommodation options, but this just means closer proximity to your partner. The bed is big enough for two, and does anything else really matter? You’ll spend time together as you navigate the ways of the campervan together. If you’d prefer something a little less cosy, simply opt for a larger motorhome instead. Nothing beats snuggling up with your loved one, complete with warm blankets and a cup of hot chocolate – delicious!

The first time in a campervan can be quite an adjustment, realising what things to bring, how everything works and more. But doing this as a couple is a great bonding experience, as you’ll work together and learn together. Before you know it, you’ll be cruising down roads and sliding out the awning like a pro. It’ll connect the two of you through a shared challenge and experience. 

This can be furthered through wild camping with your campervan! You’ll be deep in nature with only each other to depend on.

3. Freedom

With a campervan, you can go anywhere, anytime. You can decide your plans based on the weather when you wake up. You’re not tied down by train schedules, hotel times and more. You’re the boss of your destination and schedule. This gives the ultimate feeling of freedom, as you can choose and change your route anytime, even on the day itself if you’d like, or edit it to fit in an extra stop. Less stress and organising. This is ideal for couple trips as you won’t have one person doing more prior, and so you can encompass both of your interests for the trip.