Why did the radio have such small hands?

Posted by Lizzie on 12/28/06

Wee paws for station identification!

Etc. Which is to say, although it hardly needs noting, if you haven’t noticed, we’re on vacation until the New Year while the former BOOG finishes upgrading WordPress and fixes the photo upload feature–since, lord knows, if we can’t do stuff like this 90 times a day, life is not worth blogging.

A brief coda: Since in the past six months, we’ve already done ANYTHING we intend to do for the next three years and are only resolving, in the New Year, to hook up our DVD to have yet more unproductive time wending couchward, we would like to take this moment instead to thank the many former BOOGs of note. In the past few months, they have, only mildly complainingly, a) provided technical assistance of all kinds, b) vetted various jokes for publication, c) informed us when their step-aunt or milkman read something we’d written, and d) promptly replied "You’re the most beautiful girl in the world" everytime we demanded they tell us we’re pretty. Gentlemen, we would make a sandwich for each of you anytime, if we hadn’t already made 6,000 sandwiches for you. Make your own sandwich.

Okay. Now who’s free to hook up the DVD?

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