Boss Controller Level 1: Research the Coffee

Posted by Lizzie on 10/08/05

Metafilter explains how to handle a retarded boss:

Never immediately say that something is impossible. If your boss asks you to program his computer to make him coffee, say, “Hmmm. What a great idea. Let me research it.” Then, maybe an hour later, get back to him (preferably via email) and say, “I’ve researched the coffee thing and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible. Here’s why.” At this point throw a little bit of techno-speech at him (or throw in some links to a couple of technical websites). He’ll tune it out.

If you immediately say, “That’s not possible,” he may get upset. He probably thought it was a swell idea and he doesn’t want his bubble burst. So let him down gently. And agree with him that the IDEA is good. Keep his hope alive: “I’ll keep looking into it. Maybe someone will develop something that will make it possible. I’ll keep you in the loop!”

Now, all we need Metafilter to explain is how to prevent our eyes from flashing “Dumbass! Dumbass! Dumbass!” like a one-armed bandit.

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