We’re going to leave the heavy lifting on this one to T-Muffle

Posted by Lizzie on 12/19/05

Raise your hand if you know which extra the New York Times saw fit to insert in an article about a young boy who, unbeknownst to his parents, began selling lurid shots and videos of himself by webcam to predators online:

a) The boy’s contact information.
b) A pricing sheet.
c) An online video interview featuring shots of said boy in wifebeater with a caption reading “Hint: Right-Click, Save Target As, Baby!”

P.S. A friend requested that we blog about this article, but we started to hear a great, heated whistling in our head as our eyes slowly burned out of their sockets. Perhaps one of those black or gay people sitting “literally…against the wall or a few chairs away from the insiders” can find a moment to slip upstairs and do some blogging for us — that is,when they’re done with the dishes.

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