We came up with “MSanthropy”, but we know you can do better

Posted by Lizzie on 02/02/05

Per the post below, we are looking for, as Matt requested, a word that describes:

…the wave of nausea that hits you when you read about forthcoming books written by the kind of person you’d rather eat broken glass than have to listen to for five minutes.

We think this can be expanded to include books by people you went to college or even once slept with that came out to great acclaim while you haven’t written anything in….ever. But whatever suits.*

* Making things contests always seems to work against us in the end, but here goes: One spanking new copy of HOME LAND to the winner.

UPDATE: For the last time, we ARE NOT MAKING FUN OF Jennsylvania, her book deal, nor the state from which she draws her humorous URL. This discussion was simply a springboard for an overlooked need–that is, a word for the above. If people continue to misunderestimate us, however, or simply fail to submit an entry, THE HATERADE WILL BEGIN.

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