Want a better analogy?

Posted by Lizzie on 11/17/05

Before we get into this, we have to explain that we have AOL. We do not have AOL because we still refer to the “World Wide Web” by its full name or get misty at the memory of that screechy connection sound, but merely because we once wrote for the defunct Time Digital and they died before they paid us but our editor gave us a free media account first. ($30/months times 9 years equals…what? Twelve billion dollars?) Anyway, the point is, we logged onto our webmail this morning and saw this.

This server runs software that has not yet been deployed to a broader AOL internal or external community—it is used by members of the product development team to access their own production accounts. “Eating our own dog food” ensures that we live with the software before any one else tries to use it; this is a critical step in our software certification process.

Philosophers can disagree about whether or not one’s dog’s food is actually one’s “own”, but we think there’s a deeper problem. Either someone was trying to do the family-friendly version of “shitting where we eat” and got very confused, or, WE, AOL USERS, ARE THE DOGS.

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