Pipe, You Damn Eleven Pipers! PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPE!

Posted by Lizzie on 12/24/05

Today’s Reading: Two Words: Hodg. Man. (Don’t know WTF this is about? Click here.)

hodgie We hope it’s not necessary to speak long of the Hodgman. You should by now be aware of his exploits on stage, radio, the “World Wide Interweb“, Flickr, The Daily Show, and that most excellent venue, Mediabistro*. We had the very excellent opportunity to read with him and Messrs. Jonathan Coulton and David Rees recently**, and we were thrilled and delighted with how the former Borges scholar had morphed into a Host of Ceremonies the likes of our brother-in-brother-in-brother-in-law, Jim Gaffigan, which you would only know if you had been to our brother’s wedding, but just try to imagine.

We are pleased and fluttery to announce that we have THREE COUNTEM THREE copies of The Areas of My Expertise to release upon the general reading public, courtesy of John and his publicist Hector DeJean, the latter of whom we mention not least to note that that is inarguably the best. name. EVER.

Theme: Superquestion
Inspired by John’s “Invisible Man or Hawkman” piece, for this challenge, we were simply going to ask whether you would prefer the power of flight or the power to be invisible and why. (We’re so all about the flight. The only thing being invisible would let you do, it seems to us, is view people naked and hear what they said about you when you weren’t around. If you ever want to force a confession from us and have only 34 seconds, try those.) You can simply answer that question — always a winner — or expand it into what superpower you would like in general. Here’s ours.

There’s a gentleman — or a gentlewoman, we have no idea — who has, over the past two days, been attempting, partly successfully, to hack our site. (Apparently, like our parents when were twelve, we had something wrong with our “permissions”.) While we are glad that s/he was content at first simply to erase our post pages — merci! — and then fuck with our blogads — fucker! — if we had our druthers, we would do something even more devastating than learning something about hosting and Content Management Systems and how to actually handle our site without the assistance of someone with a Master’s in Physics and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. (Thanks, BOOG!)

We would haunt.

Oh, yes. Try messing around with our templates when your door keeps inexplicably slamming and a chill winter wind does blow. Try scanning our site when a death mask appears in that little mirror you have mounted to see when your mom is sneaking up behind you. TRY PUTTING AN EXTRA $ IN OUR BLOGADS WHEN YOUR MONITOR RELEASES A RIVER OF BLOOD AND AMBER TAMBLYN CLIMBS OUT IN A GOALIE /SCREAM MASK AND STABS ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE OF WHO YOU HACKED LAST SUMMER, MISTER. SERIOUSLY, TRY IT. BECAUSE WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

Anyway, what’s yours?

* John is also an excellent journalist. If you have access to Nexis-Lexis, or even the World Wide Interweb, you should seek out his work.
** Ubiquitous flickr gallery of John at reading with actual hobo fan incoming.

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