This is the part where we drunkenly say we love you, it’s the rotgut, and we’ll never do it again

Posted by Lizzie on 06/28/05

We know we’ve had an alarmingly — well, not ALARMINGLY. Palpably, shall we say — diminishing run of posts lately hereabouts, which is to say, in fact, that we have not been posting. But it’s summer, and we like to be outside, working on our tan. And when we are not outside, we are inside, working on our task chair, which spins almost 90 degrees from side to side. Sadly, though, we’re not very smart, and about one slight turn to the left is all we can handle before we have to ask the intern to take over.

Anyway, though we know it’s annoying to act like you have a blog, disappear, then come back only to apologize, WE JUST DID IT. The last year has left our brain feeling somewhat s t r e t c h e d o u t, and, though we will soon write a long and delirious post about that, we’re lining up some guest bloggers to handle things until the largest organ in the body has had a chance to return to its natural snappy shape. We’re also in the midst of launching a grand project over the next couple of months that will make Old Hag look like something you peeled off the bottom of your shoe. (That’s not saying very much, but still.) You’ll be hearing more about that soon, and it may even INVOLVE you in some way, which you might like, since, though it will not involve presenting you with money, it will also not involve asking you for it.

If you’ve written to me in the last few weeks and we haven’t responded, we will soon, unless you’re a psycho or something. We will also try to get through the backlog of posts we’ve got hanging around. Some of you have been emailing us links of late, which makes our job very easy, even when we’re not really doing it. Feel free to keep doing that — and look for an increasingly haggish and leathery poster to return when the leaves turn day-glo orange and the people fade again.

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