Posted by Lizzie on 03/11/05

Lipsyte: Yes, quite glad. Let’s see. Why don’t you ask me what I’m working on next?
gawker: Hey, Sam: What are you working on next?
Lipsyte: Fuck off, you prying bastard.
gawker: Is it a book about a scrappy young girl at a prep school?
gawker: ‘Cause you could do worse…
Lipsyte: That was my big mistake. I should have written Prep.
gawker: Oh, I wasn’t even thinking of that book….I was thinking of the book I’m working on. It’s called Millicent the Magnificent.
Lipsyte: It sounds wonderful. Why don’t you call it Garden State, though.

Dude, you know if Gawker links to our old review eighty-eight times of the merveilleuse Home Land, we’ll kick them a link back. (Especially since Newsday COULD NOT BE BOTHERED). We might even say thanks, Matt. Thanks, Matt!

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