The Morale Majority; Or, Friends, Readers, Blogendom: Lend us your links!

Posted by Lizzie on 11/09/06

But the Democrats’ 2006 agenda has one great virtue: It tries to promise a handful of sensible steps (ethics reforms, a minimum wage increase, pay-as-you-go rules, the 9/11 Commission recommendations) that a new majority can actually deliver. Each of those promises is an opportunity to make a modest repayment on the trust that has just been given them.

We don’t care what anyone says; that was an offensive win. A defensive win. Whatever the one is when you win only because the other guy sucks so hard.* We were galvanized before, but now we are filled with terror that the Dems will once again begin their ritual “We Don’t Want to Win, Really! No, SERIOUSLY” dance in red-suited Semaphore. So today, we’re just going to read everything in Slate. And all that crap in the sidebar. And Maud. And Ed. And James, bygod! Will you join us? How about posting your best links on our fucking rout and what it means for all of humanity? Yes, yes, yes–we will be self-selectively pushing ourselves further into partisanship and misunderstanding. But if you can’t enjoy a little partisan nooky after kicking the elephant out of the bedroom**, when can you? (Cousin David, you can post some links too, just to keep us honest.) And if our latest wordfinder/Darcy contest gets more hits, we will know that not only is our country doomed, but that MacFadyen is hotter, whatever you bitches say.

* Okay, everyone, including the President, says that. Just loan us a straw man for a sec.
** We were concerned at first that this metaphor was too clunky but decided upon reflection it is BRILLIANT. Seriously, try it.

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