The Ivy Lede: Or, Stop Entering Your Own Contests

Posted by Lizzie on 04/07/08

We had many wonderful entries for our David Samuels giveaway, where the challenge was to find a name for when book reviewers talk about themselves for, like, eight hours before sidling around to the book in question, though generally not before mentioning that they graduated Yale in 1995, Pierson College, no laude but their history teacher wrote them a nice recommendation and so did their English teacher. Say. However, I liked so many of these entries I found myself unable to do more than whittle them down to my three faves. Now it is up to YOU and my POLL PLUGIN to do the rest, readers! Please give a click to the best entry. FYI, there is absolutely nothing to prevent you from voting over and over again. Citizens of Florida and Michigan, I suggest you take maximum advantage of this opportunity.


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Voting ends Wednesday!

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