The Cornivore’s Dilemma

Posted by Lizzie on 04/11/08

I have been so obsessed with the global food crisis resulting from our farmland turnover to crops for environmentally and financially devastating corn-based ethanol that I completely forget there was some winnin’ to be done in the matter of some free books, to the tune of 47 votes! Damn, people. (Who knew that the practice of critics who commence book reviews with a little self-serving throat-clearing was so crucially required in our lexicon?)

Anyway, as you will recall, we had many wonderful entries, but at the end it came down to 4: Autograf, Mon Sequitur, Anec-gloat, and I-gression. I must confess that I am most fond of “Anec-gloat,” but unlike our energy-greedy government, I work for you.

As of this writing, however, we have a tie! Mon Sequitur and I-gression are running neck and neck. I remember when I was a freshman at Yale coming off a National Merit Scholarship, we had a similar problem. I believe what I did then was flip a coin. And the winner is….(this is real-time)

Mon Sequitur!

As it happens this is convenient for me, as the winner lives a few streets over and can pick up the prize himself, saving us all some corn-based ethanol. Congrats to the runner-up, who I believe coined the other miraculously crucial term Penvy. It’s a race to the UD.

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